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Financial Careers - The Basics

What are financial careers all about? What do they encompass? Click here for an overview of the major career paths and employers.

Financial Careers Spotlight10

Renting a CFO

For small firms on a tight budget, renting a temporary CFO is an option. It also can be an attractive employment opportunity for those with the skills.

Dangers of Pursuing Quick Profits

A case study in the dangers of pursuing short term profits and dismantling conservative risk management procedures.

Medallion Financial Group

Medallion Financial Group is a niche lender that has expanded from serving taxi drivers in NYC to more generalized asset based lending.

Face to Face Loan Interviews

Are face to face loan interviews more accurate assessments than predictive models? Indeed, can facial features predict creditworthiness?

Business Management Firms

Business management firms work for a highly specialized niche, offering wealthy actors and other entertainers a mix of financial and other services.

Is Inexperience an Asset?

Can inexperience actually be used as a selling point by a job applicant? An intriguing experiment suggests that it can.

Pay for Performance

Performance based pay not only is supposed to be a reward for past work, but also a spur to future productivity. How successful is it in this regard?

Personal Empire Building

Personal empire building is a major problem in many large companies, and a big headache for financial managers guarding shareholders' interests.

Moonlighting Risks

Many financial professionals engage in other paid work on the side. Here we discuss the potential issues associated with such moonlighting.

Where the Wealth Is

Many financial services firms look in the wrong places to find wealthy and profitable clients. The best places are often unexpected.

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