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Jobs in Accounting

The Major Job Types, Employers and Credentials


Are you interested in an accounting job? Accounting is a vital function within private industry, nonprofits and government alike. It also is a major category of employment within the financial field. Here is a list of the principal job categories related to accounting, the employers within it, and the training necessary.

1. Finding Accounting Jobs

Follow the link above to find job postings seeking accountants. Alternatively, here is a listing of job openings for which accounting skills are sought.

2. Careers in Accounting and Auditing

An overview of the major branches of the accounting and auditing fields, including data on compensation ranges and employment outlook.

3. The CPA License

While a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license is not required for the vast majority of career paths within financial services, holding one can open doors within the industry. The CPA designation will enhance your credibility as someone who has quantitative skills and a professional attitude.

4. The Controller Function

People in the controller function "control" access to organizational funds, exercising an important fiduciary responsibility. They are involved in vital functions such as budgeting, financial reporting and financial projections.

5. Compliance

The compliance function spans legal, internal audit and tax departments. The term "compliance" reflects the fact that the major responsibility of these groups is to ensure that the company operates in a manner that respects applicable laws and regulations. Accounting professionals are often key players within compliance.

6. Public Accounting Firms

Public accounting firms are vital cogs in the financial system as well as highly-regarded training grounds for professionals throughout the financial services industry, as well as in other industries.

7. The Big Four Public Accounting Firms

The Big Four public accounting firms dominate the sector in terms of both size and prestige. These are the accounting firms that are used by the largest corporations and nonprofits. The Big Four also are leading players in the consulting field, especially in the realms of systems and operations.
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