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Get Rehired After a Layoff


If you attempt to return to a company that laid you off, whether or not you seek to regain your old position, your chances are best if:

  • You were laid off solely in an emergency budget exercise, and not for subpar performance.
  • You can demonstrate that you improved your skills and potential value to the company in the interim.
  • You approach the process of getting rehired with all the seriousness of an entirely new job applicant.
  • You maintained good relations with key contacts in the company.
  • You can put your new potential new boss at ease that you have no ill-will towards the company, and that you are eager to contribute again.
  • If a full-time position is not available, you are willing to take a part-time or contract position, which may lead to a full-time job down the road.

See "Getting Your Old Job Back After a Layoff" in the "Turning Point" column, The Wall Street Journal, 5/18/2010.

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