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  1. Entering the Job Hunt
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  4. Work-Life Balance

Entering the Job Hunt

Key considerations and strategies for your job hunt.

Major Employers

Here are some of the principal categories of employers within the financial services industry. Under each heading are profiles of leading firms or organizations, but note that classifying these employers is subject to interpretation, since many are highly diversified. Moreover, this list is very much a work in progress, since we are continually adding employers and categories.

Choosing Employers

There are number of factors to consider in deciding where to work. Apart from your preferred career path or industry segment, consider the corporate culture. Do you want more or less structure? Does the company treat its employees as assets or as liabilities? Is it open and forthright in its communications with employees? Are performance and reward closely linked? Is seniority an important factor in advancement? The list is virtually endless, but here are some key considerations.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a growing issue, and the best employers try to address it.

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