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The Financial Services Industry

Learn what the financial services industry encompasses and why it is an attractive place for energetic and ambitious people to work. And recognize that careers in the financial management function offer opportunities not only in this sector, but virtually everywhere else.
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The Financial Services Industry
The financial services industry offers many attractive career opportunities. Here is a survey of the principal ones, placed in the larger context of financial jobs.

Why Financial Services Careers?
Leading reasons why financial services careers are an attractive option for ambitious people who look to get ahead quickly and enjoy a high earning potential.

Financial Services in India
The demand in India for banking, investment management and insurance is projected to enjoy strong growth. Get the specifics about the outlook for BFSI (banking and financial services industry) careers in India here.

Financial Outsourcing and Offshoring in India
Financial services are a major contributor to outsourcing and offshoring in India. Current trends have serious implications for financial employment both in India and elsewhere around the globe.

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