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Preparing For Job Interviews

Video Tips


In today's casual, dressed-down culture, too many people enter job interviews inadequately prepared and improperly dressed. Follow this series of About.com videos for illustrations of the key dos and don'ts.

1. Preparing for a Job Interview

In this About.com video, you receive a primer on the basic preparations that will carry you through job interviews. Among the issues discussed is how to be ready at virtually a moment's notice to take advantage of an opportunity to interview that may present itself suddenly and unexpectedly.

2. Appearance and Body Language

This video demonstrates how the image that you project through your attire, grooming and demeanor. As the old Chinese proverb states, a picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, the image that you create can carry significantly more weight in an interview than the precise words that you use.

3. How to Interview Effectively

Regardless of the position for which you are interviewing and the type of firm, these general tips are excellent foundations for you interviewing strategy. There is some overlap in this short video with the previous two, but it is worth reviewing these concepts and suggestions once again.

4. What Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Asking questions during an interview has two principal rationales. First, most obviously, it is a way to elicit information that can assist you in making an informed choice about whether you should accept the job in question, should it be offered to you. Second, asking intelligent and appropriate questions is a time honored way to demonstrate your aptitudes to the interviewer. Follow this video for some suggestions on both what to ask, and what not to.

5. What to Ask in a Technical Job Interview

The financial services industry is a major player in the field of information technology, and a leading employer of people in information technology disciplines. If you are in this field, and looking for a job at a financial services firm, you would do well to consider the interviewing tips offered in this video. While they are targeted at standalone technology companies, they nonetheless have some modified applicability to candidates for technical positions in other firms, such as those in the financial industry.

6. Top Skills for Information Technology Jobs

If you are seeking an IT position in a financial firm, demonstrating mastery of these core skills are bound to be important. In particular, note the discussion in this video of information security and business intelligence, which are particularly topical in the financial services industry.

7. Saying Thank You After an Interview

Not only is it polite and good form to thank both your interviewer and others who helped you in your job search process, but doing so in a timely and professional manner is bound to enhance your candidacy. This is especially true if other leading applicants against whom you are competing fail to do this themselves. The video offers suggestions on how to extend thanks in the most effective manner.

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