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Finding & Getting the Job

Critical information about finding and winning job opportunities in the financial services industry.
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Arrest Records
Many jobs are closed to people with arrest records, so seeking an official expungement may be vital to preserving your employability. Learn the basics here.

Comparing Job Offers
In general, it is not wise to jump at a job offer, especially with a new and unfamiliar employer, until you have done some comparison shopping, to see if this is indeed the best fit for you.

Contingent Job Offers
Contingent job offers are commonplace, and you must be sure to understand the factors that may cause a job offer to be withdrawn. If you resign your current job before these contingencies are resolved, you are placing yourself at great risk.

Job Search Tool
This powerful tool allows you to search millions of job openings from thousands of job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages. Based on the keywords that you choose, you can search by company, job description, job title or credentials sought. You also can narrow your search geographically.

Job Searching
With 10 years' experience as About.com's guide to job searching, Alison Doyle covers this vital topic from every imaginable angle.

Still in college or grad school and looking for an internship? Look here for advice from Penny Loretto, About.com's guide to the topic and a veteran college career counselor specializing in this field.

As a screening device, an increasing number of companies are listing excessive and unnecessary qualifications in job postings. Called pseudo-requirements, these are merely devices to reduce the pool of applicants. Savvy job hunters should not be deterred by them.

Getting Federal Jobs
Financial jobs in the federal government are on the upswing. Learn here how getting them differs from landing jobs in the private sector.

Find a Job Online
Finding jobs online, and increasing your chances of getting it, tends to hinge on one simple rule.

Budgets and Hiring
Understanding potential employers' budgetary cycles, budgetary constraints and seasonal hiring patterns can give you a leg up in the job hunting process.

Top 40 Financial Job Sites
The website Masters in Finance has compiled a handy Top 40 list of destinations on the Internet dedicated mainly to job listings, but also several that support networking or offer career advice. Elsewhere on the Masters in Finance site is a variety of other useful information about financial careers and financial education.

Hidden Job Market
The hidden job market encompasses the majority of job openings that are not posted or listed publicly. Instead, they are filled through personal connections and networking. What can you do to break through this veil of secrecy?

Phantom Job Postings
Sometimes by mistake, but often by design, companies frequently advertise job openings that actually do not exist. Or, in some cases, they exist but you have no chance of getting them, no matter what your qualifications are. What's going on here?

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