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Where to Work

Essential information about major categories of employers within the financial services industry.
  1. Banks (19)
  2. Consultants (9)
  3. Employer Ratings (11)
  4. Family Offices (4)
  5. Financial Niche Firms (12)
  6. Financial Planning Firms (3)
  7. Information Services (10)
  8. Insurance Companies (17)
  9. Investment Companies (13)
  10. Non-Bank Lenders (22)
  11. Public Accounting Firms (12)
  12. Rating Agencies (9)
  13. Regulators and Exchanges (15)
  14. Securities Firms (19)

Job Search Tool
This powerful tool allows you to search millions of job openings from thousands of job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages. Based on the keywords that you choose, you can search by company, job description, job title or credentials sought. You also can narrow your search geographically.

Salary Calculator
This handy tool allows you to compare salaries by job category and location.

Rating Employee Satisfaction
Here is a recipe for rating employee satisfaction via a simple metric. It can be a valuable indicator of where you might fit in best.

Jobs at Nonprofits
People facing downsizing in financial services have discovered opportunities within the nonprofit sector for those with their skill sets. Robust growth in several corners of the nonprofit world make this an appealing career choice for financial professionals.

Charitable Mergers
Mergers of charitable and nonprofit organizations seem an obvious solution to the problem of small, inefficient, financially stressed players with mission overlap. Wall Street veterans are working to facilitate the process.

Top Wealth Management Firms
Wealth management is increasingly the primary strategic focus of many leading financial firms. But, exactly what is wealth management and who are the principal players? Here is one approach to answering those questions.

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