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Finance Basics


Not quite sure what the financial services industry and financial careers are all about, or whether they might be a suitable place for you? All you need to know is right here at your fingertips. Take this easy self-study course and you'll be up to speed.
  1. Key Background Knowledge
  2. Industry Trends
  3. Financial Functions Common to All Industries
  4. Hot Topics

Key Background Knowledge

Here's a crash course in all the basic knowledge you need to understand the industry, and start finding your place in it. Along the way, we cut through some of the jargon that may confuse the casual observer.

Industry Trends

Here we discuss major trends in the industry and, even more importantly for you, their impact on careers. We include both trends that already are well underway, and trends that we anticipate materializing in the near future. Familiarize yourself with these currents and you're even better positioned for making informed career choices.

Financial Functions Common to All Industries

A majority of careers in finance actually are outside the financial services industry. Financial professionals are key employees in all industries, as well as in the nonprofit and government sectors.

Hot Topics

Here are some hot financial topics in the news, and some key buzzwords you ought to know.

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