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Worst Insurance Ad Ever?


Is the MetLife commercial called Dad's Accident sending the wrong message? Since the spring of 2013, it has been a staple on low-budget cable stations that feature re-runs of old TV shows. If you haven't seen it, you can view it right here on YouTube.

Two adult daughters discuss with their mom what to do about their dad. He's apparently a retiree about 65-70 years of age, and the discussion is prompted by his having fallen off a ladder while cleaning the gutters of his home. Dad eventually comes walking down the stairs of his home with an arm in a sling, looking reasonably fit otherwise.

At this point, the reaction of any sensible viewer should be obvious. Mom and the daughters should order dad to stop climbing up on ladders! If he's too cheap, the daughters should pony up the funds to pay for handymen to do such risky chores.

All my friends who've seen this commercial report having the same immediate reaction. However, this is not where the commercial is headed.

Instead, the daughters convince mom that what they really need to do is take out a life insurance policy on dad--good grief!

Implication, intended or not: now you've got clearance to fall and kill yourself, dad. We'll get a payout from MetLife. Disgraceful.

What indeed are the marketing department at MetLife and their ad agency thinking?

It should be noted, however, that MetLife has made some subtle changes to this commercial during its run. Now it specifically promotes final expense life insurance.

Moreover, what do you think? We've received a host of reader comments, the vast majority of which express similarly negative opinions about this commercial.

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