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Career Profiles

A career in finance can include any of the following three major categories of work: jobs unique to the financial services industry; financial management functions that are common to all industries; non-financial support functions common to most industries and also vital within the financial services industry.
  1. Administrative and Support (70)
  2. Banker (14)
  3. Financial Advisor (112)
  4. Financial Management (27)
  5. Financial Planner (6)
  6. Insurance (16)
  7. Investment Banker (7)
  8. Money / Investment Manager (9)
  9. Securities Research (9)
  10. Securities Trader (9)

Financial Job Descriptions
The financial services industry demands a high degree of flexibility and multitasking among employees, especially those who hold positions in support or administration. Thus, your actual job responsibilities and work priorities may soon deviate significantly from your formal job description.

Job Titles
Job titles have key implications for pay and career development. Moreover, the conventions can differ widely among employers.

Job Search Tool
This powerful tool allows you to search millions of job openings from thousands of job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages. Based on the keywords that you choose, you can search by company, job description, job title or credentials sought. You also can narrow your search geographically.

Salary Calculator
This handy tool allows you to compare salaries by job category and location.

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