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Education & Training

Critical information about education, training and professional certifications necessary to enter and/or to advance in financial services or financial management.
  1. Certifications (23)
  2. Continuing Education (8)
  3. Courses of Study (14)
  4. Experience (19)
  5. MBA (10)

Back to School Guide
Are you a young person still in high school or college, thinking about your future path in life and wondering how to tailor your studies accordingly? Or are you a seasoned professional considering whether any additional education or training would enhance your career prospects? About.com's guides to jobs and careers offer timely advice on going back to school.

Training for Financial Careers
Want to know what education, training, degrees, certifications and experience are most likely to advance a financial career? Look here for a comprehensive summary.

To discourage job applicants and/or to cull the number of resumes received, a growing number of employers put excessive and unnecessary prerequisites in job postings and job descriptions. Working around them is an important art.

Tuition Reimbursement Plans
Adding to your credentials and value while your employer is paying the bill offers the best of all worlds.

Crowdfunding Students
To fund the hefty tuition fees associated with higher education, a growing number of students are selling shares in their future earnings as an alternative to traditional fixed payment loans.

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